Why am I a fan of Daffy Part III

Why am I a fan of Daffy?

Well it helped that Daffy wrote most of his own scripts and also composed the music and songs too. A script can make or break an actor. And silents were never silent. Music is crucial in silents like the perfume a beautiful woman selects to wear. Daffy had rare control on his product when many actors had absolutely no control at all.

Daffy also did most of his stunts and insisted that action appear in all of his films no matter what. Daffy felt even the most small of films needed a thrilling moment if only to keep the guys from falling to sleep beside their girlfriends or wives! So Daffy films were not boring or mushy!

Daffy had a contract that gave him a great deal of leeway and every producer except Louie B Sneed loved Daffy. Daffy made their films look good. Felix Tubs of Titan Studios adored Daffy so much he built a museum after Daffy’s death. Every studio except Gigantic declared their particular Daffy films to be their corporate crown jewels. Only Gigantic tried to recycle Daffy films into cheap silver — and failed as critics and fans alike rebelled at the idea of Daffy films being automatically declared passe simply because they did not ‘talk’.

Daffy had started to ‘convert’ his fillms to fully dubbed music and sound effects during the last year of his life. Silent camera speeds differ from talkie camera speeds which causes silents to move too fast if shown on the wrong equipment. Daffy was very fast off the mark on converting his films to Disc To Camera so later they could be converted to modern DVDs very well. Pendragon films had to be converted at a slower rate to DVDs just because they were never dubbed to begin with.

Daffy hide many of his films just in case of distruction and many of his lovers also hide caches of Daffy films so today there is a very large collection to convert to top grade DVDs. Other films were carelessly lost to time and decay. 90% of all silents were lost to corporate short-sightedness.

Does the fact so mnay top quality films still exist justify my rating of Daffy? Sure. If no film exists then how can you adore someone? Many fine actors have vanished because their films have vanished. If you can’t find a DVD then how can you discover an actor? Daffy films are on DVD, all of them, so physically his fans can enjoy and new fans can discover.

Daffy kept illegal copies of the films of Adrian Reid. After Reid died Sneed ordered Gigantic to destroy every single Reid film. Reid is remembered today only because Daffy illegally saved his friend’s films. Sneed’s double murder of Reid failed only beause Daffy saved the films. Otherwise who today would still remember Adrian Reid?

Why do we remember Daffy? Well! The films are still there!

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