Beyond The Pale Of Forgiveness Illustrations

2 amerceable the drug crazed killer

2 amerceable at trial

2 the aging amerceable and his granddaughter

Amerceable the chief suspect of the massacre on his arrest, at his trial, and after his release after decades in jail. After his release Amerceable met his granddaughter. To raise money for her he agreed to Titan Studio buying the rights to the infamous shoot out which climaxed in a back alley behind Cleardan House during a grand party entertaining King Astel by the Master of The Havens.


The long ago infamous crime seemed like a sure shoot-em-up action thriller  for Titan. But Daffy’s investigation digs up evidence proving the prime suspect innocent of all charges.That throws open the old case and turned all of the people involved in the moldering case back into the unwanted limelight as suspects.

2 bear sherker 1924

His father Prince Puski was involved in the initial crisis which led to the shoot out.

2 cartoons of the suspects  2

The three policemen involved in the shootout which resulted in  the deaths of the senior Policeman Cark and Jactii  his partner as well as Policeman Sims. Dubeii a raw young policeman survived the shoot out to become the hero. But was he? And was Cark and Jactii heros or suspects?

2 cott carney 2

The inlaw of Amerceable who perished during the shootout. What role did he play in the bloodbath?

2 jactii cartoon

Was he a victim or a suspected? A hero or a corrupt policeman?

2 jactii children

If Daffy digs up evidence their father was a rotter working for the infamous Faience Gang what will happen to his aging children?

2 faience gang

2 dubeii cartoon

Junior Policeman Dubeii. New to the job and new to policing. Was he really the hero the police department claimed he was? Or was he involved in corruption?

2 dubeii the the ex hero

Dubeii the aging has-been ex-hero. He agrees to the sale of filming rights out of desperation for money for his trophy wife a fading actress. But will ugly evidence be dug up that will compromise him?

2 dubeii and wife

2 max remmii 1

Max Remii the old courtier (lawyer) in the case. He always had doubts and those doubts gets him killed when Daffy’s screen play reopens the notorious case.

2 max remmii 2

sims cartoon 2

Junior Policeman Sims. Was he a ‘boy scout’ dead hero or an accomplice to murder? His children are young policemen now. Will Daffy unearth evidence that implicates their father?

2 sims family

2 gb boy scout hero

Daffy Gilbert Blackheart as Policeman Sims in the film retelling of an notorious old case that unravels into a new mystery and fresh corpses.

2 gb sammy

Daffy with the director of the film who finds that old scandals can ignite fresh murders.

2 gb early titan

2 gb first picture

2 gb titan pictures

2 gb titan star

2 titan logo

Titan Studios logo

2 tubs titan studios

Tubs the producer of the film. Publicity is one thing but a rash of murders becomes quite another!

2 titan logo

2 vavavoom

Vavavoom the studio sex goddess who declines to star in the thriller. As corpses garnish the film set her decision appears to be very wise.

2 lady g

Lady ‘G’ the ambitious geisha which Daffy fatally becomes romantically involved in.

2 geisha maiko obj

Lady ‘G’ introduces Daffy to a dangerously exotic and mysterious world of the geisha.

2 geisha walking home

Lady ‘G’ is not who she seems and soon she is a suspect in the mysterious string of murders after Daffy breaks the geisha code as her patron/lover.

2 red kimono 2

2 lady g almost there

2 lady g do I

2 lady g fatal

2 lady g last day maiko

2 lady g mark geisha

2 lady g ruined

2 geisha diva butterfly

2 geisha dressing

2 geisha entertaining

2 geisha good taste

2 geisha maikos scared

2 geisha mirror

2 geisha ot

2 lady g dancing

2 lady g geisha last

2 lady g performing

2 clothing ot 1920

2 clothing ot british

2 clothing tux black 2

2 clothing ot heike

2 clothing ot japonese

2 clothing ot w 1920





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