Daffy’s Revenge Illustrations

only the lonely neon L

Only For The Lonely is Daffys’ last film and only full talkie. But his last full silent was Moonlight. A demoted ‘B’ Film which today is a cult classic of science fiction horror about a remote solar power station under attack by union unrest, downsizing, a vindictive boss, hostile workers, and  a mysterious monster.

gb moonlight role

gb victor king location

Moonlight was directed by Victor King.


The vindictive Tullii co-starred. He left boasting he would destroy Daffy. He came back sustaining a complete nervous breakdown which he never really recovered from. After seeing Daffy staring at him from the outside window of his hospital room ( on the fifth floor) Tullii was firmly locked up forever.

solar one fortress

The Fortress of Blood in the Blood Mountains

solar one landscape 1

solar one landscape 2

The backdrop of the Blood Mountains.

solar one m bw

solar one m c 1

solar one machine room c

solar one machines c 2

solar one machines c

solar one man machine 2

The black and white film was hand tinted to create surreal science fiction special effects.

solar one man machine

The machinery was colored, the human beings were drab black and white reflecting their dehumanized existence.

solar one cave kitchen

The events take place in a subterranean world of caves and tunnels deep underground surrounded by deserts and dead mountains to create a moonscape of isolation and paranoia.

solar one moonlight mirrors

solar one moonlight tower

solar one sunset machines

solar one sunset mirror

solar one sunset tower

solar one do what

The upper management is a venal trio.

solar one happy family

solar one hate place

Not even the heroine is good.

6 gb fawkes attacked

But then neither was the mysterious character which Daffy played.

baker comic

Josephine Baker co-starred with Daffy in ‘The Killers’.baker killers

‘The Killers’ was a hybrid talkie to help the floundering studios survive the transition to talkies while Sneed drove them to the brink of bankruptcy. The lurid murderous climax was filmed in prototype two strip color.

fight 38

The fight to the death on the top of the 30 story sky scraper.

coming soon zoom 13

zep 2

zep fight p

gb baker killers 2

gb baker killers

The Killers

gb baker love

gb baker open night

Daffy naturally fell madly in love with Baker. Alias, she did not fall madly in love with him. But their interracial love scenes and her shocking semi-nude death scene made the hybrid sound film a hit and saved the studio.

gb composing horsham score

Daffy’s blues score exploited sound and the nightclub scenes scored several song best sellers.

flavia new queen

Queen Flavia. Her royal support could not save Daffy as Sneed conspired to destroy his film career.

bear sherker new eald

Bear Sherker’s royal support also failed to help Daffy as Sneed conspired against him.

anime fire 1

test of Only For The Lonely, Daffy’s one and only full talkie.

davies comic

Tiger Davies was fighting Buster Randal’s bitter in-laws during the final crisis of Daffy’s life. So she could not help him either.

end 1

Victor King’s home. He swore he saw Daffy’s ghost hovering in the moonlight and shadows outside. King was directing Only For The Lonely. He later called the film ‘haunted’.

gb king normii

gb dance 2

gb dance 3

Daffy rehearsing for Only For The Lonely surreal gangster dance scenes.

gb gabon

Daffy with Cedric Garbon and one of his many mistresses during the filming of Only For The Only. Garbon designed the costumes.

gb home living room

Interior of Daffy’s small home on the Heights.

gb honor first

Daffy in another hybrid sound film he did to save a rival studio which Sneed was trying to drive into bankruptcy.

gb last picture

gb late pic smiling

gb lonely cartoon 1

gb lonely cartoon 2

Some of the last photographs and studio cartoons of the beleaguered actor during Only For the Lonely.

gb old news cartoon

Sneed used the studio’s PR to tear down Daffy as ‘Old News’.

gb mountbanks

Studio cartoon of Daffy with his ‘replacement’ Jack Mountbanks who later died mysteriously —- and horribly.

mountbanks cartoon

gb matinee idol

One of the last studio photographs of Daffy.

gb pendragon ignore

Studio cartoon of Sneed and Daffy and Pendragon. Sneed would have his revenge against both men.

gb sneed contempt

Studio cartoon of Sneed and his feuding star.

gb replacement

Studio cartoon of Daffy eyeing his replacement Jack Mountbanks

gb russian nights 1

Studio cartoon of Daffy in Russian Nights — a film Daffy hated.

gb pavilion

Daffy’s haunted studio digs.

gb rosemont

Daffy with the fragile Wisteria Rosemont who Sneed as also viciously destroying.


The doomed Little Daffy Keens.

gb vs sound

Studio cartoon of Daffy Vs. Sound. Daffy’s ‘delay’ doing a full talkie allowed Sneed to spread rumors that Daffy had a ‘White Voice’ despite Daffy’s extensive recordings of hit songs.

gb composing piano

Daffy wrote the screenplay and songs to Only For The Lonely to prove he could sing and dance as well as act successfully in talkies. But the studio refused to finance the film until Maralinga’s talkie Queen Maeve tanked.

gb surrey badlands

w s surrey badlands 2

Daffy with W S Surrey in ‘The Badlands’ which was another hybrid talkie with sparse narration by Surrey and Daffy’s minimal score to save another studio which Sneed was trying to drive into bankruptcy. It was a bleak cowboy drama about a crooked banker driving a town into bankruptcy and climaxed with a violent shootout that killed everyone.

gb uneasy lover

gb puski

Daffy as Prince Puski in Queen Maeve, a bit part opposite his ex romantic lead Maralinga —- both ex-lovers now bitter rivals and enemies.

maeve front

Maralinga’s first talkie was about the famous Queen Maeve. It seemed a good idea at the time.

maralinga queen maeve

maralinga maeve

maralinga mirror

Maralinga as Queen Maeve. But everything that could go wrong did go wrong.


Peter Nommii the sound editor. He later admitted the film became a nightmare but declined to go into details.

paladine  maralinga

Maralinga being dressed for Queen Maeve. The rank and file studio people came to hate her. But evidence exists to prove that her enemies and Daffy’s friends conspired to torment her as much as she tormented Daffy.

mountbanks cartoon

Jack Mountbanks thought he would get the lead in the all Maralinga spectacular but died horribly instead. By the time the disastrous film stumbled to a dire finish a whose who of Daffy’s enemies had met mysterious ‘accidents’ including the Swanfleet  set which blew up and burned down during the filming of the final scene between Maralinga’s Queen Maeve and Daffy’s Prince Puski. No one ever talked about what really happened but Maralinga never made another film and died a recluse.

6 maralinga post accident

6 gb post accident


Maralinga’s disastrous talkie forced Sneed to green light Only For The Lonely. Sneed plotted his revenge.

only the lonely cartoon

only the lonely neon p

6 gb smoke

the last studio photograph of Daffy between takes ‘playing with smoke’. The photo was suppressed after Daffy’s mysterious death as an dire omen.

speckles cartoon

Irving G plotted his own revenge against Sneed.

tubs titan studios

Tubs could not save Daffy’s life but he did save Daffy’s legacy and today Daffy’s films are intact and available so Daffy is immortal — in every sense of the word — as his films are reputed to be haunted.


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