Only For the Lonely Illustrations

dark star

Horsham ‘Daffy’ Gilbert-Blackheart the most famous silent screen star of Fairawayland.

1 gb sexy dashing

Despite his off the wall looks he could play almost any part excerpt conventional romantic lead. He vanished inside his roles —- sometimes too well.

1 gb matinee idol

The studios tried to mold the quicksilver Daffy into the conventional leading man but Daffy saw himself as a character actor rather than a star.

1 gb last picture

One of the last photographs of the increasingly brooding actor as the silents crashed into the talkies.

1 gb lonely cartoon 1

Studio cartoon for ‘Only For The Lonely’ Daffy’s experimental talkie.

1 gb incubus

The ‘Incubus Scene’.

1 gb in uniform

Daffy in one of his famous uniform scenes.

1 gb dark star

The brooding star with a reputation for emotional extremes that earned him the name ‘Daffy’ —- which was rumored to be manic depression. By the end of his life the ‘Dark Star’  was a dark man.

1 gb crying cartoon

1 gb blue moon

A studio cartoon done at the time of his mysterious death during the filming of ‘Only For The Lonely’.

1 gb bill sikes 2

Daffy as Bill Sikes, one of his most famous anti-hero roles.

gb russian nights 1

Daffy in ‘Russian Nights’ — the role and the film Daffy hated.

gb z theri waltz 1

Daffy as the ‘Shining Prince’ which was his most romantic role.

1 gb puski cartoon

Daffy as Prince Puski in his ‘bit part’ and first talkie.

1 gb relundant lover

Daffy as the uneasy romantic juvenile lead. Daffy as pathologically afraid of people laughing at his large nose and irregular profile and deformed ears which hinted of his ancient pedigree.

1 gb sexy dashing 2

The last of the ancient family of Blackheart —- but a bastard unsure he could claim the name or the legacy.

1 gb vallii clean

Daffy in one of his most notorious roles of a gangster.

gb bres rape

Daffy as Bres during the ‘rape scene’. Daffy enjoyed doing dark characters and tortured loved scenes.

gb dark star costume

The role that made Daffy a star.

gb early gigantic

gb laughing

Daffy’s iconic laugh was only caught once for a talkie in his bit part role of Prince Puski. His laughter was legendary and his moods were quicksilver.

gb matinee idol

The polished lead opposite the exotic Maralinga.

gb moonlight role

Daffy in Moonlight a science fiction horror thriller and his last complete silent.

gb normii pendragon

Daffy in his first role opposite Laurence Pendragon.

gb pendragons

Daffy with the Pendragons as the famous horror actor fought cancer.

gb rehearsing sword


gb rosemont les mez

Daffy with the fragile Wisteria Rosemont.

gb rosemont

Rosemont vanished mysteriously during the ‘close set’ filming of ‘Only For The Lonely’ along with her  dresser and maid and also the Pendragons. They were never seen again.


gb terror love

Daffy in a romantic scene with a terrified co-star. His films always carried an under current of sinister threat.

gb titan pictures

Daffy’s tormented childhood haunted the adult movie star. The fame was no consolation.

gb titan star

Daffy was famous for his under currents of sinister threat which he brought to his roles.

gb uneasy lover

One of Daffy’s last photographs before his mysterious death. This occurred during a rash of mysterious deaths in the studio. Rumors hinted that he was involved in the deaths yet he could produce an alibi each time an enemy of his died or else was horribly injured.  How could a man be in two places at once? Did he commit suicide? Or was he murdered? And does his ghost still haunt Gigantic Studio’s moldering back lots? And can a ghost haunt films? Does Daffy’s ghost haunt his silver nitrate films?


1 gb vallii killer

1 gb vallii clean

1 gb vallii weeping

1 gb vallii kissing scene

And how  did a girl who only arrived at Gigantic after Daffy’s death end up co-staring with Daffy?


marlii man 1

marlii man 2

coming soon p

6 gigantic logo detail


1 gb epitaph



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