why am I a fan?

why am I a fan of Daffy Gilbert-Blackheart?

Let’s be superficial! I like his looks! He was tall[ish] dark and handsome! His hair was curly and brilliantine shiny! His eyes were hypnotic in their dark intensity! He was thin and nimble and wore clothes beautifuly! And he was charismatic and incandescent!

Daffy only appeared twice in crude and highly surreal two strip technicolor and the majority of his films were glorious black and white which creates a magic quality. His face is not color and therefore he is somehow not of us mere colorful mortals.

Zendula film industry of Fairawayland used a special silver super satuated nitrate celluloid film stock that was especially star dust like which gave black and white an extra magic quality which modern computer films can never capture. The very nitrate quality of that film stock is both appealing and terrifying. It is like eating blowfish which tastes heavenly but can poison you. Nitrate can be oh so brilliant but it can also errupt into fire. The fraility too makes anyone trapped on it magical. It decays in a way that is magical too. Doomed images are magical in a way solid and forever can never be.

Daffy was and is nitrate magic. He glitters on film as if alive inside that nitrate film. There are moments when you watch and think he really is alive inside that film!

Finally of course his violent death after such a short but brilliant life makes him special. Tragic makes anyone special of course. But tragic mixed with mystery is a surefire freeway to immortality.

Daffy was not so much notorious such as too many stars are today, mixing up fame with infamy. Rather Daffy was amazing in what he achieved in his short life so his death so young makes him touching. If only he had lived!

But of course if he had lived then would he be magic? If he had grown old would he be magic? That is the question of course! Die young, leave a beautiful corpse, and die under mysterious circumstances is sure fire immortality which no actor with a full life and full resume of films can never touch. that is the irony of course. Did Daffy die just in time?

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Finding pictures on the dashboard

Fairawayland has posted pictures on the Media Section of the Dashboard. Please check them out!

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How was fairawayland constructed?

During the contruction of fairawayland I mantained a blog at gildagad.com forum. Check it out to see how the site came together. Constructing a site is not easy!
find out how the site was created at gildagad.com Forum.

J E F Rose

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hello from J E F Rose

Hello everyone. This is J E F Rose and I hope this new sister web site to Gildagad.com will be enjoyed by everyone.

Fairawayland is a fan site established to celebrate the life and tragic death of Zendula’s most famous actor: Horsham ‘Daffy’ Gilbert-Blackheart.

Daffy, as his fans lovingly know him, was a wonderful actor, a composer, songwriter, and scripwriter. Even though he only completed one ‘talkie’ his legend lives on to this day.

People said when Daffy laughed it felt as if the whole world was in his pocket. But he had an enemy in Louie B Sneed of Gigantic Motion Pictures Ltd. How much of an enemy? Well let’s say people still debate if Sneed murdered Daffy!

Daffy was a confidant of Queen Flavia and was also reputed to know secrets about King Arthur Dagmar Astel that ensnared him into the notorious Moonlight Wing of Celebeau House: Spy Central.

Daffy had a flair for murder — as in getting involved in the middle of murder including possibly his own murder.

I hope this site will delight his many fans and provide a site for people to come together to celebrate the life and death of a legend.

J E F Rose

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What is Fairawayland?

Horsham ‘Daffy’ Gilbert-Blackheart once said Fairawayland was a nitrate movie fantasyland ruled  by junkyard moguls and dictated  by only threelaws:

‘Do whatever you can get away with’, ‘do unto others before they doit until you’, and die young and leave a beautiful corpse. Visit Fairawayland.com  and discover Zendula’s most famous movie star and speculate if he was right.

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Hello world!

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