The Darkness Inside The Human Heart Illustrations

title page

dean tanner cunningham

The mysterious death of Dean Tanner Cunningham ignites a police investigation that soon implicates everyone at Gigantic Studios where Daffy is on loan. Who murdered Fairawayland’s most famous director?

charlie hays

Charlie Hays the studio’s juvenile lead. Behind his sunny façade he  is not what he seems.

davies hays

Charlie Hays and Tiger Davies , the perpetual couple who are romantically involved —- with others who are not socially correct and potentially scandalous. How is this linked to the murder?

guy gilmore

Guy Gilmore —- how is he involved? And who is he involved with?

davies 1

Tiger Davies the studio’s ‘dumb blond’ comic actress.

davies 3

Tiger is not as dumb as she makes out and she was a very close friend to the dead man.

davies cartoon

davies maeve costume

davies very young

davies pensive

davies buster

Buster the Millionaire and Tiger Davies. Such a fatherly figure — except Buster is not her father…..

davies croquet

Buster and Tiger playing croquet with balls painted with the faces of the famous of Gigantic Studios — who are now all suspects in the murder.

gb keens laugh


Big and Little Daffy. Little Daffy Keens is the studio’s comic genius but he is also a suspect in the murder. While the ‘Daffys’ do a film together the police are exposing all of the studio’s dirty linen.

gb victor king

Daffy with director Victor King. Victor knows more about the murder than he is telling the police.

mabil sunnii

Mabel the ailing ex-comic actress on loan to the studio. Behind her comic façade and mysterious illness she is concealing something.

pendragon makeup villain

Laurence Pendragon the studio’s horror star. But could he be involved with very real murder?

rock granite

Rock Granite the studio’s cowboy star.

rock granite cartoon

Behind the famous façade lurks a hidden scandal that implicates Rock Granite with murder.


Louie B Sneed the studio’s head of production. He is hated by all and the dead man especially hated Sneed. What was their feud about and did it lead to murder?


Irving G Speckles the ‘Kid Genius’ field producer.

speckles cartoon

Irving G is concealing a terrible secret from one and all. Is he the murderer?

suspect butler cook

The butler and cook to the dead man. They are a sinister pair and know more than they are letting on. Were they blackmailing the dead man?

suspect chaste

The studio’s famous virgin juvenile lead. She was the preferred actress for the dead man’s last two films. But were they involved behind the scenes as well?

suspect chaste not

suspect stage mother

The stage mother of the studio’s ‘virginal’ lead. Any stage mother must be a prime suspect. It is part of the job description of ‘stage mother’.

suspect mack

Mack is another suspect — though his favorite weapons in the movies are custard pies. But Mack has a temper behind his comic slapstick.

suspect missing

The missing suspect is the chauffeur of the dead man. Both chauffeur and automobile are missing. This definitely suspicious!

suspect neighbors

The neighbors to the dead man. Definitely suspicious!

tullii 2

Tullii a toady to Rock Granite and a vicious ex-boxer. What is he hiding?


The studio is selling Tullii as their new ‘He Man Action Hero’ but rumors are flying what is about to happen to the soon to be ex-action hero Rock Granite.

w s surrey badlands

W S Surrey the ex-cowboy star. Sneed cheated Surrey out of his Wild West Film Lot and assets and then replaced him with Rock Granite. Surrey is a has-been with an axe to grind.

w s surrey drawing

w s surrey cartoon

How far can a good man be pushed before he breaks? Sneed has pushed Surrey to the limit. But then Sneed has pushed everyone at the studio to the limit. And did Sneed push Dean Tanner Cunningham to the limit? Did Sneed murder his greatest director?

gigantic headquarters 2

Gigantic Headquarters are concealing a lot of dirty linen and the corpses are stacking up. Was it a good idea for Daffy to agree to be loaned out?

gb davies comic

What will happen? Can Daffy discover who murdered Dean Tanner Cunningham before the murderer comes after him?

clothing ot day jacket

clothing ot w 1920

clothing ot w 1920s


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