The Magic Of The Move Illustrations


Panoptic Studios produced ‘The Shining Prince’ which is one of Daffy’s most famous films. It was based on historical events concerning the tragic Black Eald Theri Anthrope and the infamous Lord Lir a fiendish mimic octopus monster.


Buddy Zapt was the studio producer.

davies comic

Tiger Davies was the field producer and also the co-star

davies 2

Despite her ‘dumb blond’ roles she was actually a smart businesswoman.

davies 3

Tiger Davies and Buster Randal co-produced it. Davies also starred as Lady Desiree.

davies z desiree

desiree love you

The real Lady Desiree

desiree over tunic sells

desiree professional beauty

flavia 1900

Queen Flavia in real life during the historic events.

flavia unhappy queen

flavia new queen

flavia movie

Queen Flavia in the movie.

ada frontal

Crown Prince Arthur Dagmar Astel in real life.

folks 1

Northfolk the Master of The Havens and his younger brother Southfolk during the historic crisis.

folks northfolk

folks southfolk

hood younger break back

Chief Navigator Hood during the historic crisis.

hood younger sly fox

king astel

King Astel during the crisis, his tragic death ignited the fight for the crown of Zendula.


The only known drawing of Lord Lir before he became a fiendish mimic octopus monster.

maeve profile

Queen Maeve.

puski 1875

Prince Puski

puski 1880

Prince Puski during the crisis

puski death gerry

Prince Puski after the historic crisis which saw the death of his elder surviving son Theri Anthrope.

bear sherker 1880

Bear Sherker the younger son of Prince Puski during the historic events which the film portrays.

bear sherker new eald

Bear Sherker after the death of his older brother Theri Anthrope the Black Eald.

adrian rossii hunk bear

Adrian Rossii in the film as Bear Sherker

adrian rossii sexy bear


adrian rossii

adrian rossii 2

adrian rossii jenny

Adrian Rossii as Bear Sherker in the film with ‘Jenny’.

spy master cartoon

The Spy Master during the historic crisis

spy master ink

spy master new

spy master profile

spy master pencil

spy master take down

ada bodyguard zelda

Prince ADA’s mysterious bodyguard in the film.

gb sprat

Daffy with Max Sprat who plays the co- villain based on the ‘Black Astel’.

max sprat cartoon

max sprat smiling

max sprat zelda

Max Sprat with the film’s stunt woman performing in the key action rescue scene. Sprat perished mysteriously during the filming of the movie.

max sprat smirking

max sprat smoking

iconic photographs of Max Sprat as the flamboyant villain the ‘Black Astel’

lumpy sweetpea peanuts

studio designers behind the great film.

airship commerical carrier 1929

commercial airships used in the making of the historic film

airship commerical titan 1

airship flying ray hybrid 1925

airship diogram

airship sunset hybrid

airship sunset ray

airship golden bear 5 plain

The historic Golden Bear Airship featured in the film

cat z plots move

The wicked Crown Princess in the film.

cat z bored

cat z dream lover

The wicked ‘Cat’ making love to the Ghost of the Cossmatii featuring the remarkable (for the time) special effects.

cat z mirror

The wicked Crown Princess revealing her true Were Cat nature in a wonderful special effects mirror.

cat z princess royal

cat z were

cat z lashes out

The Wicked Crown Princess lashes out at the villainous Lir the Mimic Octopus Monster.

haught charming

Eric von Haught the Prussian (really an Austrian Jew) director of the film. After wreaking his career in Hollywood this was his last chance.

haught hun

von Haught in one of his Hollywood villain roles.

haught smiling

Contrary to his Hollywood image Von could be a real charmer until he met his match in Fairawayland which destroyed him.

haught breakdown

haught insane

Von Haught was last seen by witnesses in a forbidden area of haunting called the Swanfleet near a Mannaz Gate. The insane von Haught was never seen again.

mannaz gate

gb haught shadow

Horsham ‘Daffy’ Gilbert – Blackheart wrote the script and starred as the Shining Prince Theri Anthrope the Black Eald of Zenroseda.

gb z theri mayor regalia

gb z theri bear

Daffy as the Black Eald with Adrian Rossii as his brother Bear Sherker

gb z theri maere

Daffy as the Black Eald confronting the evil Lir disguised as the Crown Prince ADA. The real ADA is being held hostage by the evil Black Astel to entrap Theri Anthrope into killing him by mistake, mistaking him for the fiendish mimic octopus monster. The Black Eald is the last person who can stop the fiendish mimic octopus monster from assuming the throne of Zendula disguised as Prince ADA aided and abetted by the wicked Crown Princess.

gb z theri country regalia

Daffy as Theri Anthrope in one of the many lavish costumes of the Late Astel Age of extravagance.

gb z theri young

gb z theri


gb z theri court regalia

Daffy’s thin build was helpful to pay the consumptive Black Eald but Daffy’s bleeding ulcers and break down of his health and final day shoot injuries during the film added an unintended touch of realism. The studio never revealed what really happened during the making of the movie. It was considered too shocking and horrific.

gb z theri damned

gb z theri doom

Daffy during the famous ‘I must do this terrible thing! scene.

gb z theri dying

Daffy made up for his death scene. Rumors say what happened on the set almost became his death scene.

gb uneasy star

This is one of Daffy’s most famous roles but also killed him. Events on the set turned dire and people died under extremely suspicious circumstances which seemed to mirror the original historic events. It was almost as if the magic of the movie was reliving the original supernatural horror.

db davies love costume

Despite the strange events that afflicted the movie set the film contains Daffy’s best romantic scenes opposite Tiger Davies.

gb writing ak

Daffy wrote the script and music which was of course performed lived. ‘Silent’ movies were never really silent.

gb davies theri love

gb z theri desiree flirt

gb z theri kilt

gb z theri kiss hand

gb z theri last waltz

The film’s romantic climax is the dance in the gardens of Zenroseda among the famous black roses. The real Theri Anthrope was dying of TB by this time so this is a romantic liberty such as all movies must have.

gb z theri waltz 1

gb z theri waltz 2

gb z theri waltz 3

gb z duel 1

Daffy and Max Sprat rehearsed extensively for the climatic duel scene.

gb z duel 3

gb z duel 4

fetchit maere

Fetcht Maere  was an unknown bit player when cast as Lord Lir the evil mimic octopus monster. Maere took the role way too seriously. People said he started to actually become Lord Lir.

monster closeup 1

monster my part

monster shadows 2

monster shadows 4

He took over the move sets with his increasingly sinister role and highjacked the climax where rumors say the final duel to the death literally became a duel to the death!

monster 1

monster 2

monster 3

monster 4


monster 6

monster 7

monster 9

monster closeup 4

monster mouth 3

monster closeup 5

monster closeup 6

monster climax

What really happened on the movie set during the final day of shooting is disputed to this day. But so many people died the Thiess Guards the paranormal policeman of the supernatural were called in to secure the crime scene….


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