Why am I a fan of Daffy Part IIII

Why am I a fan of Daffy?

Well’s let talk about it –The Nose!

Ok! Let’s confess in unison! Daffy really did have a big nose! OK! breath in deeply!

Daffy’s nose was so big he joked he could play Cyrano de Bergerac without makeup!

Daffy did not want to become an actor because of his nose! So how could a skinny kid with such a big nose become a movie star?

He was so good he succeeded despite of it! And he also used it! Without a mustache he had a very plain, striking, but plain face which he used in anti hero dramas very well. With the mustache he appeared romantic. With a beard he appeared he-man virile or violently savage. So Daffy exploited the fact his face changed if he wore a mustache or beard.

People say how could that nose work? And they watch a film and soon they forget about the nose even if Daffy never did! He ridiculed his nose to the end of his life!

His eyes won fans despite his nose. His eyes are beautiful in such a way you forget about the nose. And his incadescent personality is so electric on the screen you just cannot forget him.

So Daffy fans embrace The Nose! Embrace The Nose!

J E F Rose

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